WMN’s Unique Curriculum

The lifeblood of World Media Now is its “Nose For News” curriculum. Created and developed by our Master Instructor Leah Kohlenberg, the NFN curriculum has been used around the world to teach the best lessons of journalism to professionals and novices alike.

The curriculum is simply the best at translating the essential techniques for great story telling into an accessible and easy-to-understand lesson plan.

Nose for News and its subsequent professional lesson plans are especially adept at empowering indigenous writers to professionalize their news content and has helped writers in Mongolia, the Republic of Georgia, Armenia and Hungary.

The curriculum also has special sections to help citizens with election, health care, economics and social issues coverage.

In addition to print and digital writing, World Media Now also offers training in social media, photography and basic design and video editing skills.

Pairing professional content creators and the Nose for News curriculum offers World Media News an unbeatable training product!


I was a journalist for 15 years and now I have taught – among other things – journalism for 15 years. I think Nose for News covers all the important stuff and does it in a thoughtful and well-organized way… – Lyndi Cooper-Schroeder, journalism teacher, Billinghurst Middle School, Reno, NV

Contact us at wmn.org@gmail.com today and start your path to better stories immediately.


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