Write For Us….

Are you a global journalist just waiting for your time to shine?

Are you an ordinary citizen with a story to tell?

Are you tired of reading Western media and never seeing anything good about your country?

Do you want to learn journalism skills that will allow you to do investigative, feature and other type of stories in a digital age?

Then sign up to write for WMN. WMN offers training to individuals, writers, bloggers, journalists and ordinary citizens who want to tell stories about humanitarian issues in their respective countries. We aim to get the untold stories that are missing from the front pages and home pages of major news outlets. Join our news revolution.
Also, please tell us why you want to write for us!

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1 thought on “Write For Us….”

  1. Subas Ray said:

    I want to be a any Senior position of your Media & to serve as a Hardcore Journalist for giving you a various kinds of news story as well. I’m an Indian professional Journalist based in Delhi. I’ve worked for a wide range of media outlets, like ALL INDIA RADIO, ZEE NEWS, ALFA TV BANLGA, ZEE BANGLA, CHOBBIS GHANTA(a 24 hours TV news channel) & now the Bureau Chief of a Bengali Daily newspaper “PRABASHER CHITHI’. India is now all the time beyond the Headlines & I live in Delhi, the Capital of India ; as well as Kolkata my native states (West Bengal) capital. I’ll be more than happy to join your team. For sample of my previous works just visit my linkedin page or via email (subasraymedia@gmail.com). Already I have the experience about Radio Journalism about 10yrs. I look forward to hear from you. Thanking you, SUBAS RAY.
    Country: India

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