You’re politically savvy. You’re globally aware. You’re smart. You read the daily headlines, you scroll quickly through your Google alerts, and you can answer current event quizzes with the best of them. But yet, something is missing. You crave for the data behind the headlines. You’ve taken a trip abroad and what you saw didn’t jive with what you read.  You watched the Arab Spring unfold on your television and it clashed with what you found on your Twitter feed. You long to reach across the miles and talk directly to people affected by the news of the world. You seek depth more than length, facts more than phrasing, and truth from more than two sides.

I’ve got salve for your global news gap.Introducing World Media Now!

World Media Now trains global citizens in the basics of journalism so they can tell accurate, well-researched, but contextual stories about humanitarian events around the world. We publish those stories to our global website.  WMN offers verified, factual media content – text, podcasts, video, photography – about the most important humanitarian issues including: environmental concerns, poverty, famine/hunger, homelessness, religious conflict, sexual exploitation and war.

We fill in the news gap, producing the type of stories that only those living where the news is made can tell.

If you want global news with more context, depth, and the authenticity that can only come from indigenous people then please support World Media Now and it’s Kickstarter Project.

WMN is seeking to raise $20,000 through crowdfunding site Kickstarter for training trips to South Sudan, Northern Nigeria and Burma. Using our proprietary curriculum which has trained journalists in more than 10 countries, we seek to train, equip and empower 24 citizens in these three countries to report on on-going humanitarian issues. We’ve selected these countries because established news sites have had difficulty getting in-depth coverage of these areas.

Our Kickstarter project pays for instructor training, editorial mentoring and publishing the first issue of our online website. You can give as little as $1 up to $10,000 for really cool rewards!

Find out how you can give and what cool rewards you can receive here!

The world is filled with noise. Why not add some clarity? Join World Media Now to revolutionize the way we receive our global news.

World Media Now…Because News Needs No Filter!

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