Who is World Media Now?

WMN Co-Founder Ovetta Sampson

Ovetta Sampson WMN Co-Founder in Egypt

WMN Co-Founder Ovetta Sampson

WMN co-founder Ovetta Sampson is a nationally award-winning journalist with 18 years’ experience in writing and editing who has reported from the Middle East, China, Malaysia, Burma and several countries in Africa and is immersed in digital and social media.

Ovetta has worked with journalists in more than 30 countries and has trained non-journalists in the art of news writing for the last eight years.

When she’s not traveling, writing or doing triathlons she’s catching up on some much needed sleep. Contact Ovetta at wmn.org@gmail.com.

WMN Co-Founder Judy Isacoff

WMN Co-Founder Judy Isacoff

WMN Co-Founder Judy Isacoff in Turkey

WMN Co-Founder Judy Isacoff’s journalism career has spanned the US, Hong Kong, and the Cayman Islands, plus a year teaching English in Turkey. She is also senior editor for the award-winning Political Handbook of the World with expertise in the countries of Africa and the Middle East.

WMN Lead Instructor/Training Supervisor Leah Kohlenberg

WMN Lead Trainer Leah Kohlenberg

WMN Uses Leah Kohlenberg's Curriculum

Leah Kohlenberg has 12 years’ training experience in the former Soviet Union, starting as a Knight Fellow in Mongolia. She has 20 years’ experience writing, reporting and editing for daily U.S. newspapers, as well as Time magazine in Hong Kong, the Asian Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine.

Ms. Kohlenberg developed Nose for News curriculum which WMN uses to train citizen journalists and indigenous communications staff.


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