About Us


World Media Now is a global newsroom supported and populated by indigenous journalists who provide multi-source, contextual stories about the human condition to effect real change in the world.

The content produced by World Media Now is unique and original, written and edited by citizen journalists who live in the countries where the news is made.

All WMN reporters have completed our copyrighted training curriculum that ensures the news they produce is accurate, contextual, informative and yes, entertaining. This hyper-local, ultimately global news service, provides audiences around the world with up-to-the minute information that affects some of the most important issues of our day including: environmental concerns, poverty, famine, energy resources, education, homelessness, religious conflict, war, and much more.

Our mission is simple: to provide excellent coverage of the world’s most complex issues provided by trained citizen journalists who live in the areas where the news is made. This news from the source approach offers our readers, subscribers; media and corporate partners, up-to-the minute news content that is as unique as it is important allowing them to make informed, calculated decisions about how to change the world.

We offer our clients a world-class training program that helps them to produce better content to help better connect their audiences and the world at large to the issues about which they care most. We bring a global audience to your local issue and in turn increase your capacity to do good.

If the medium is the message then World Media Now is a new siren song for world change.

World Media Now is currently focused on three training programs. We are seeking funding for these projects and looking for additional international partners. Here’s where we will work soon:

  • Sub-Sahara Africa
  • Nigeria
  • India

3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Very glad to hear about it and I would like to join

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