WMN Frequently Asked Questions

World Media Now Writing Pic

Future World Media Now Correspondents

1. Why did we create World Media Now?
As professional journalists who cover stories around the globe many of us felt frustrated that the complexity, nuances and contextual details which permeate humanitarian issues were getting left on the cutting room floor. The truth, as the X-Files suggested, was out there but we weren’t bringing it home. There were a lot of reasons for this. From the barriers of language,lack of understanding of historical context or our own deliberate actions by “editing,” or “dumbing down,” information.

We were frustrated that our handlers felt readers were too “impatient,” to wade through the context behind stories or, even worse, that readers were not intelligent enough to understand the complexity of issues. We decided one of the best ways to address these issues and get closer to the truth about the world’s social ills would be to publish stories by citizens who live in the areas most affected.

2. Citizens use social media to tell stories. Why do we need World Media Now?
We’re encouraged by the bravery and courageous efforts by citizens around the globe who are using social media to create freer and more open societies by publishing their own stories. We support them wholeheartedly. Which is why we created World Media Now to offer them basic journalism training in important principals such as ethics, fairness, accuracy and using digital tools, to increase the number of verified, factual and unbiased stories available in the digital space. Without such training it is difficult to know which media sources to trust.

3. So how is World Media Now Funded?
WMN uses the latest in content creation technology both open source and created by us, to be an all digital, all virtual and all global newsroom. This absence of brick and mortar infrastructure allows us to ramp up to produce a quality news product for our members. That said it takes money to run these 1’s and 0’s and WMN has a three-prong financial model: a) advertising on our free magazine site, b) monthly memberships (includes ad-free content) and corporate and media partnerships.

4. Why only humanitarian news? 

There are thousands of magazines that cover everything under the sun. But a lot of them do not focus on humanitarian issues unless there is a crisis. We believe that people do not live in crisis mode and that to truly understand how to solve some of these complex, and difficult problems we have to look at them outside of crisis mode. Our magazine aims to explore humanitarian issues as told by the citizens who live them everyday – the ups and the downs, the triumphs and the tragedies. We aim to have a mix of positive and critical news that allows our members to have more clarity into what causes humanitarian issues and maybe, just maybe, find unique solutions to solve them.


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