WMN Products and Services

World Media Now serves NGO’s and global businesses by providing professional journalism training to ordinary citizens to produced verified, accurate and compelling media content.

WMN offers international development organizations access to our world-class training institute that is specifically designed to improve and advance current news media content developed by non-governmental organizations.

Our on-site media training program matches award-winning journalists from around the globe with NGO staff to help produce better media content that, used effectively, can garner a more passionate and lucrative response from your constituency. We recruit highly skilled, trained and respected journalists from around the world to work side-by-side with your staff to provide skills training as well as mentoring.

A Story A Day for just $109

Beginning with one class of just 15 students WMN promises our client a story a day for a year at just $109 per story. With 14-days of on-site training, plus and ongoing virtual training of six months your organization can have much-needed content from people who live in the areas where you work. It is the most economical solution to procuring the best content from overseas.

Promoting Your Brand with WMN

In addition to personalized media training for your organization, WMN offers an online media space to distribute your content to a wider audience. By publishing your content on World Media Now.org you will reach a much larger audience and have an increase potential to find supporters for your cause.

World Media Now.org is a news site, we do not advocate for one organization over another but we believe that once a public is thoroughly educated about complex issues that an informed public can work together to make change. We work with organizations like yours to improve the content which features issues surrounding the human condition and bring that news to a larger, more global audience in order to effect wide-spread change.


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