Become a World Media Now Instructor

Are you a professional journalist who loves to teach?
Are you interested in sharing your award-winning skills with citizens who seek to tell the truth about their circumstances?
Do you wish to improve the accuracy and professionalism of stories being produced through social media, blogs and online entities?

Do you believe that compelling stories about humanitarian issues told in a fair, balanced, yet revealing way can help change the world?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you may be a perfect instructor at the World Media Now Training Institute. At WMN Training Institute we match professional writers, photographers, designers and social media specialists with indigenous citizens around the world to train and empower citizens to tell their own stories about a humanitarian crisis that affects them and their neighbors.

Using a copyrighted journalism curriculum, developed over 12 years by our Lead Training and Instructor Manager Leah Kohlenberg, WMN’s training program teaches the basics of Journalism 101 to citizens who wish to be taken seriously in the avalanche that is new media. The curriculum has been known to improve professional journalism as well.

These citizen journalists do not replace professional journalists, rather they provide a fountain of first-hand knowledge and information to a world waiting to discover just how to help change it. The more stories about humanitarian issues the more we can inform change. It’s that simple. Help us to transform our world. Sign up to be a World Media Instructor today. Who knows what fountain of knowledge lays ahead for you?


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