Using Second Life technologies to tell stories

One thing that we’re really excited about at World Media Now is finding ways to leverage tech tools to bring stories from some of the toughest place on earth. We also endeavor to make those stories come to life in a way that hasn’t been done before through the static form of newspaper print even video.

We found this amazing use of virtual technology that is usually reserved for gaming or avatar communities being used to tell stories on what it’s like to be in Guantanamo Bay. To be clear this isn’t a NEWSTORY…this video is based upon a documentary done by filmmaker Nonny De La Pena.

The documentary paints a grim picture of the American government and accuses it of doing some pretty atrocious things to the men featured in the movie. The virtual tour is created from video footage from a documentary done by activists, not journalists. But that doesn’t mean the way they tell their story isn’t interesting.

What do you guys think? This can get pretty expensive for a small media outfit. But is this something that you see the New York Times adopting? How would readers react? And are we crossing some journalistic lines here between giving information and giving our judgement through these types of technologies? Interesting questions.