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We love helping folks tell their stories

So for the last six months we’ve been knee deep in business plans, investor meetings, dog and pony shows trying to convince people to write a check so we can get this World Media Now ball rolling.

If we were independently wealthy we wouldn’t have to roll out the red carpet, put on our best suits and smile as we explain over and over again why we do what we’re doing here at World Media Now.

But alas money it seems is essential to make this baby grow and so we’ve had our ear to the ground trying to discover new and inventive ways to fund such a dream.

To wit…we started a project on Kickstarter! Woo hoo! For those of you in the know Kickstarter is a kick-butt website that allows you to sell your dream to an unsuspecting but generally accepting public. It gives dreamers like us a chance to get folks to literally to buy into the dream.

We’ve started the Kickstarter project to raise initial start up money of $20,000 which will get us on site in our first three countries and through the first phase of our super amazing, nothing-you’ve-ever-experienced-before website.

Thanks to our amazing cameraman Shawn Conley, who filmed us for the right price – free yayyy Shawn – we have a 1 min video on what World Media Now does and how.

But for a sense of why we do what we do I wanted to highlight a request we received recently during our citizen recruitment phase:

I am from Makati City, that is within Metro Manila.  Everyday should be a learning process. That’s the reason why I came across of the idea of writing. It has been a dream to me to write. I am challenge with the idea that in  writing, I would have the opportunity to give voices to some people who are afraid or not given the chance to talk or be heard.That they are also some situations that need to be recognized for everyone to see. I would want to write about the main issues what the world continuous to have right now like poverty, politics, religions, environment issues and about technologies. So with the help of World Media Now maybe my dream would come true. I know through your guidance I could gain an extraordinary experience and make a difference as well.