Today we shot our first video. We’ll use the video to promote our Kickstarter project. If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter it’s this fabulous website where people post their latest projects and people vote with their wallets. You set a goal and a time limit and if people give you reach your goal you get all the money. But if you don’t reach your goal you get nada.

One project earned a record $3 million in just month. But many projects aren’t successful. According to the Kickstarter school, if you want to be successful in your campaign video is the way to go. In fact, it doesn’t have a place to upload images but it does ask you to upload video.

So we shot our video thanks to some cool friends. Now I have to edit it. Just trying to see what great editing tools are out there.

What are you guys using? I love the video tools that are out their for smartphones including Reel Director and Quik Video. But there are other tools out there.

By the way if you sign up for World Media Now training we spend a bunch of time teaching the latest video and photography techniques so folks can effectively communicate from the field, even when there are no outlets!

Your thoughts on cool video shooting and editing tools?