Google New Image Search

Step One of Google's New Image Search

One of the most frustrating aspects of today’s new media world is the constant battle for accuracy. In a new media landscape news is flying at mach-speed and if you hesitate for a split second you’ll be in the dustbin of history or worse yet, pummeled by
But a rush to publish could be your downfall as well like what happened to What’s Trending, after it Tweeted the premature death of Steve Jobs late last year. CBS cut ties with the online video/social media show so fast its hosts are probably still feeling the whiplash. What’s Trending survived but had to do so without CBS’s backing.
So in the age of social lightening fast media how do you verify what you’re saying is actually factual as opposed to rumor mongering? One new arsenal in the search for facts is Google’s Image Search.
Drag and drop a photo or use the handy Chrome plug in which allows you to just hover over image and search using it. We’ve been playing with it and this is what we found:
1. Searching by image finds the image original source.
2. Google also offers “visually similar images,” in its search results.
3. Gives you the option to add text to the image search

The image search is not perfect. It’s visually similar images feature is funny turning up images that are truly non-related only similar in color scheme. While other photos were spot on and its source were found.
Try out Google’s Image Search and tell us what you think about it as a tool to verify content. Also if you have other content verification tools let us know!