Boys in Maduguri Nigeria smile for the camera

Nigerian boys pose for the camera

When South Sudan gained independence from the north on July 9, 2011, the majority of the newswires were filled with celebratory language and images. The violent history of this region became a footnote in history as journalists focused on the hopeful future.

Yet concurrent with these optimistic reports, Sudanese living in the Nuba Mountains were dodging MiG missiles and fleeing from house-to-house searches that resulted in the death of thousands in June and July 2011.  Few people reported on the latter. They would have not have heard about it from the official Sudanese media. Sudan is notorious for imprisoning or torturing journalists who write against the regime. So how did we find out about the attacks on the indigenous population in Nuba? Contacts with humanitarian organizations working in Sudan gathered the information.

These workers interviewed indigenous Sudanese who were documenting the violence in their neighborhood. These men and women, at great risk to themselves, went door-to-door interviewing their neighbors, friends and church members to document the hell they were experiencing. They wrote down stilted stories and took haunting images. They did not give themselves a title, but with a bit of training we can call them journalists.

World Media Now was created to bolster the capacity of nonprofits to raise awareness about humanitarian issues by training citizens who live in afflicted areas to tell compelling stories about the issues affecting them.

Today the world is filled with news about afflicted people. WMN empowers the afflicted to tell their own credible stories and delivers those stories in a custom, relevant and accessibly way.

It is our belief that those stories and the people who write them will help change the world.

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